Best Night Bars In Mexico City For 2023

Discover the pulsating heart of Mexico City’s nightlife with our curated guide to the best night bars for 2023! Whether you’re a seasoned local or a curious traveler eager to immerse yourself in the vibrant nocturnal scene, this article is your ultimate compass to the most electrifying hangouts. From rooftop lounges with breathtaking views to hidden speakeasies that whisper the secrets of the city, we’ve scoured the metropolis to bring you the top spots where cocktails are crafted to perfection, and the music sets the rhythm for an unforgettable night out. Join us as we unveil the trendsetting destinations that promise an exhilarating blend of culture, creativity, and connection, all wrapped up in the unique allure of Mexico City after dark.

Licorera Limantour

Dive into Mexico City’s vibrant nightlife with a visit to the iconic Licorería Limantour. This esteemed cocktail bar, named among the world’s best, offers an unforgettable experience with its innovative mixology and sophisticated ambiance. In 2023, Limantour continues to captivate patrons with its expertly crafted drinks menu, featuring both classic concoctions and inventive new creations that showcase local flavors.

The chic, contemporary setting, coupled with the warm, inviting service, makes it a must-visit hotspot for night owls and cocktail connoisseurs alike. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or kick-off a memorable evening, Licorería Limantour is a top-tier destination in Mexico City’s bustling bar scene..

Fifty Mils

Discover the pulsating heart of Mexico City’s nightlife at Fifty Mils, a cocktail sanctuary renowned for its innovative mixology and chic ambiance. Named among the World’s 50 Best Bars, this hotspot within the Four Seasons Hotel is a magnet for discerning patrons seeking exceptional drinks crafted by award-winning bartenders.

In 2023, Fifty Mils continues to set the bar high with its eclectic menu that features avant-garde concoctions and classic favorites with a twist. Whether you’re mingling with the city’s elite or unwinding in the bar’s intimate setting, Fifty Mils promises an unforgettable evening savoring some of the finest libations Mexico City has to offer..

Jules Basement

Discover the enigmatic allure of Jules Basement, Mexico City’s premier speakeasy-style bar hidden beneath the bustling streets of the Polanco neighborhood. As a clandestine gem, Jules Basement offers an intimate experience with its seductive ambiance and meticulously crafted cocktails. Perfect for night owls seeking an exclusive retreat, this spot features live jazz sessions that sync harmoniously with its dimly-lit, art-adorned interiors.

Make sure to mark your visit to this sophisticated hideaway, where the thrill of secrecy and top-notch mixology converge to create an unforgettable night out in the heart of Mexico City. Don’t miss out on Jules Basement, a must-visit destination on your 2023 nightlife itinerary..

Hanky Panky Cocktail Bar

Discover the allure of Hanky Panky Cocktail Bar, a hidden gem nestled in the vibrant heart of Mexico City. As a speakeasy, it offers an exclusive ambiance that captivates with its Prohibition-era charm. Indulge in a curated selection of masterfully crafted cocktails, each concocted with precision and flair by expert mixologists.

The intimate setting, coupled with the bar’s reputation for impeccable service, ensures a night of enchantment and sophistication. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a busy day or seeking a lively nightspot to socialize, Hanky Panky Cocktail Bar stands out as a must-visit destination for connoisseurs and night owls alike in 2023..

La Clandestina

Embark on an immersive nightlife journey at La Clandestina, a hidden gem nestled in the vibrant heart of Mexico City. Renowned for its extensive selection of artisanal mezcal, this atmospheric bar promises an authentic Mexican experience. Each sip offers a taste of tradition, with mezcals sourced from local distilleries that celebrate the country’s rich heritage.

The intimate ambiance, accentuated by dim lighting and rustic decor, sets the stage for unforgettable evenings. Whether you’re a mezcal aficionado or eager to explore new flavors, La Clandestina serves as the perfect nocturnal retreat for connoisseurs and newcomers alike in 2023..

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